Vojtěch  –  NEEDY – Ludvík from the National Czech MTBO team won the LONG distance at the World Cup 1 in Austria June 2017 and became 2nd on the SPRINT

Off course Vojtěch is riding with Autopilot mapholder and here with the new prototype of Autopilot’s new 30×30 FULL CARBON board.


At WMTBO 2021 in Finland Vojtech was not as succesfull as usual. He was fast by did some big mistakes, so 3 rankings at 9, 10 and 11 was his best in Finland…

Here at the public passage at the MASS START in Finland.


Vojtech partcipated on the CZteam at WMTBOC2019 in Viborg:

Vojtech took the victory on the MIDDLE distance in Ebeltoft Plantage. Please see foto Burmann’s photos fromthe Middle distance, the Victory ceremonie at Fregatten Jylland and other phtos of Vojtech from the championships:

Vojtech on Middle distance

GOLD to Vojtech

The medalist on Middle distance

Vojtech on Long Distance in Straasoe Plantage

Vojtech through the arena on MASS START


Read the potrait of Vojtěch on Portuguese Orienteering blog here: Portræt af Vojtech

Vojtěch at the LONG, Photo credit: @fotoburmann

Vojtěch at the Sprint, Photo credit: @fotoburmann

Vojtěch in the finish at Austrian MTBODays July 2017. Photo credit: @MTBODays 2017.

Vojtech fotograferet på LANGDISTANCEN nder EMTBOC i Orleans. Vojtech ramte ikke storformen under EM og måtte nøjes med topplacering på stafetten. hvor han sammen med 2 landsmænd vandt GULD.