Several PilotOne MEGA boards in production and on their way to Denmark

The interest in our new PilotOne MEGA boards has been overwhelming, even though they hit the market in Denmark in December 2018 – that is how little outside the MTBO season.

Thomas Steinthal and Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard our Danish JuniorChamps and our WE rider Cæcilie Christoffersen rode tests with the new MEGA boards in November / December and were excited and gave nice recommendations. Please see these on under “News” from November and December.

One thing, however, is to let these young talents ride the tests of these boards, but the ultimate test we have decided to let by Mr. MTBO himself, namely the international MTBO sports “Grand Old Man” Mr. Keith Dawson.

So, in connection with this year’s first round of the WMS series in Fuentes del Andalusia in southern Spain, in the coming weekend, we will give Keith one of our “A3” MEGA boards in addition to the PilotOne FCB that Keith daily rides with. And then we are eagerly awaiting Keith’s assessment of this MEGA board after some test rides. We hope Keiths will also share his experiences with our other stakeholders.

We are now almost sold out of the first production, both “35” and full “A3”, and there are few left on the stock, but new ones are underway from the Czech Republic, so we can meet the demand.

We ALWAYS try to be able to deliver all our products on a day-to-day basis, which applies to all our mapholder bases (3 models in 3 colors) and all our boards.

We have tried to create a new overview of our boards with comparative photo of our best-selling boards and magnetic foils. See photo:

From the top left: “30” standard board (30x30cm), “30FCB” FullCarbonBoard (30x30cm), “35” MEGA board (35x30cm), “A3” MEGA board (42x30cm) and “A4-SPRINT board”. Magnetic Foils available in 30×30, 35×30 and A3. And can be cut with a usual scissor to fit A4 and can be retrofitted on most boards.

Mounting instructions here: Mounting instruction