Page in English – translated from the Danish page “Navneskilte”

Are you considering to tighten up a bit on the look of your bike, you can put names plates/name strings in:

Our name signs are: Contoured LETTERS, high quality, so you have more possible combinations for fitting on the frame, frame, helmet, etc.

We suggest that you buy:

1 set of name string and Nationality flag or 2 sets if you want the text in black and white

  • 1 set consists of 4 first names, if necessary, 4 between names and 4 surnames and 6 Nationality flags
  • LETTERS are either black or white
    • They can be mounted at its option, first name only, last name only, boats and so on.
    • The flags is mounted separately or in continuation or extension of name string

There are the following limitations on the LETTER types/The FONTS. They can only be ordered text in black, white.

  • We suggests a font called KOMIKA AX, that is easily legible. (See font 1 below)
  • Alternatively you can choose between 4 different fonts, instead of KOMIKA AX

Now also EU flag as a supplement to the National flags. A little extra cost for these EU flags.  Delivery i sets of 6 flags:


Send an email with:

The name you want on YOUR MTB (your adhesive letters)

  1. The PRECISE NAME STRING you want
  2. FONT Type (FONT TYPE 1, FONT 2 etc.)
  3. FONT Color (Black or white)
  4. Which Nationality Flag you want

NB !! We can also produce other nationality flag than the Danish and Swedish, look at the example of the Czech flag at our PilotOne producer Radovan “RaMach” Mach’s MTB.


There are associated relatively high costs of a start-up of pressure of new namestrings, so we need to collect more orders, so there may be no immediate delivery, and you are forced to wait a little while for delivery !!!! Or you can join us, when you see a specific order date at favorable prices. 


Before mounting: Remember to clean your location, for example with alcohol. Put the letters on. Keep the paper over the letters and press the letters really tight with a plastic knife or similar. When this is done can the paper gently pulled off and you have the final result.

Examples of use of name tags: Please see below: