Kryštof Bogar, CZ, has for many years be one of the best czech male MTBO riders and he has at the same time belong to the absolute top MTBO-riders in the world.

Kryštof has taken many championships i CZ and international both individual and relay medals.

Latest at WMTBOC 2021 in Kourtane, Finland i June 2021, Kryštof won the SPRINT and became 3rd on MIDDLE.



In the Czech Republic, the 10th, 11th and 12th rounds of the Czech CUP were held last weekend. In the long distance and sprint, Kryštof Bogar came first, finishing 10th in the middle distance, won by Vojtěch Stránský.

It is not surprising that Kryštof won twice, and not that he did it with style.

Still, his performance this past weekend was a little mroe special than it used to be.

See this photo:

Photo credit: Honza Svoboda. Honza Svoboda writes on her FB page:

#mtbo #worldpremiere at #czechmtbocup : Kryštof Bogar punching #SIAIR #intheair on #doublejump at #fourcross #track

This is how I understand #nextlevel use of #sportident contactless control as a #coursesetter (c;

#cpmtbo #mountainbikeorienteering #orienteering #jablonec #czechrules

This link also shows the maps showing the long distance:

Honza Svobodas FB page

So Kryštof takes full advantage of SIAIR. Whether it’s a world premiere, must be at Honza’s “expense” but it certainly looks nice.

But there is one more detail that connoisseurs of Kryštof will notice in this dynamic photo.

Kryštof now drives Autopilot’s PilotOne, model TB and the new ECB (Elite Carbon Board). And it’s actually a novelty too, and there’s a little special story attached to it.

Kryštof has been driving for many years with a map holder made by his grandfather. A very special homemade model that Kryštof has had a penchant for driving with. Unfortunately, it has been destroyed in a recent crash, which is why Kryštof has been forced to choose a new folder holder.

And it is therefore not unnatural that one of the world’s best MTBOs has chosen one of the world’s best mapholders, namely PilotOne for its new “work tool”.

Below we have found some historical photos of Kryštof with “grandpa’s” homemade mapholder.

All photos are taken af FOTO BURMNN, Austria:

Photo credit: Photo Burmann who caught Kryštof on the run at the sprint in Vilnius 2017.

And the following photos is all from WMOC 2019 in Viborg, Jutland, Denmark:

All photo from Viborg is also taken by FOTBURMANN

From the sprint

From long distance

Relaxing before start on MASS start

Arena passage on the MASS start

And finish on MASS start where Krystof became 2nd.

Krystof finish the relay for the CZ team, which became 2nd.