A new production of our super flexible profile-cut nameplates is on its way.

We therefore give all our customers – old and new – an oppertunity to enter the order list by ordering nameplates by Tuesday 15/8 at latest 24:00.

Our normal price per Set is DKK 250  /   SEK 330   /   EUR 33.

If you place your order before the deadline Tuesday 15/8 at latest 24:00, the price pr. Set is ONLY:  DKK 175   /  SEK  250   /   EUR 28

Evt. EXTRA for 6 EU flags: DKK 50  /  SEK 65  /  EUR  6

The price is incl. VAT and shipping. We pay postage (DKK  8 (B-mail)  /  SEK 36 /  EUR 4)

1 Set of Nameplates consist of:

  • 4 Name Strings and 6 Danish flags, or Swedish flags or 6 other Nationality flags
  • Press in black or white text. Same color for all the 4 text lines

If you want both black and white you need to order 2 Sets

They can be fitted to your choice, first name only, surname alone, both and etc.

Also possible to get any Middle Name or “Nick Name” within the text string.

Flag can be mounted separately or in extension of the text string.


Please see fonts and multiple examples of use on some photos Danish, Swedish and Czech: Examples and font types or english name string page

Expected shipment from Copenhagen, september 1, 2017.

Your order must be sent by filling in the order form: Order form