Few hours after the second competition at Danish MTBO Camp 2018 on Thursday, one of the Danish participants called me on the phone and he said:

“Jørgen, I need a new PilotOne mapholder with large board 30x30cm before the competition tomorrow. Today I participated with my old mapholder from one of your competitors. But at the start this morning, I could see that almost all other participants used the PilotOne mapholder and a big board. They could easily place the big A3 card on their mapboard, but I had to fold the map both at the start and later on the course. I cannot compete on an equal condition with the others, if I do not drive with PilotOne. ”

Off course I could help the customer who subsequently confirmed that PilotOne with FullCarbon board made a difference to him, and then he bought a PilotOne Miry board too to upgrade the old mapholder.

A good story and recommendation for us, and it confirms what we feel we can offer:

One of the market’s very best mapholders:

  • Choose between 3-4 different models in different colors,
  • Choose between different boards, which suits to all mapholdermodels:
  •  Low weight
  • Easy assembly
  • Stable and tremble free boards
  • Reliable construction
  • Suitable as standard for either 31.8mm or 35mm handlebars
  • Reduction kits for smaller operating diameter

We strive to always be deliverable in all models and standard colors on a day-to-day basis, including with the various boards.

But the real thank you goes to all our customers who have shown confidence and bought our products for the last 4½ years, to the extent that it is a great pleasure for us to see all the users of PilotOne mapholders at competitions such as MTBO Camp this year.

Look forward to our website:  www.abelnielsen.dk  where the products is presented.