The MTBO Camp 2017 in Klim in Thy, Denmark will run next week.
We participate, but are not sponsors this year. We have no stand at the event center.
You will find us at the various stages-parking places Thursday to Sunday.
Look for our orange beach flag.
Delivery Wednesday only by prior arrangement.
We bring a wide range of our productrange, ie. PilotOne mapholders, our 3 best-selling models in all 3 standard colors.
We have all types of PilotOne boards with for sale: ie. standard “30”, Carbon “30C”, Sprintboards and also PilotOne standard board for the MIRY holders. Please see the whole productrange at this homepage: Unfortunately the primary language is Danish on the pages, but hopefully the illustrations and photo will tell almost all.
Would you like to pre-order some of our products, please send an email to and we will prepare your ordered PilotOne mapholder so that it is ready for assembly on your handlebar, when we meet.