Starting in 2018, a global cup for the young MTBO riders “Young Guns World Series races” has been established in the international MTBO environment, which is typically organized in conjunction with Junior- and Youth camps.

The first two competitions in the series were in France following Easter in and around Besancon and in last week, 2 competitions in connection with Danish MTBO Camp in Allerød. Next competitions take place in the Czech Republic in mid-June immediately prior to EYMTBOC in Hungary.

In France Thomas Steinthal and Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard participated in both Camp and competitions.

Thomas was 5 in the middle and 3 on Long in Junior. Mikkel missed a post in the middle, but took a leap on Lang with a victory in Youth.

In St. Dyrehave on the long-distance and in Rude Skov in the middle made both Thomas in junior and Mikkel in Youth “clean table” and took every 1st place in both competitions with a nice margin.

Behind the great results lies a solid training effort over the winter and here in the spring from Thomas as well as Mikkel.

 To dive a little further down the facade, we have asked Mikkel to inform us about the course of the recently completed Danish MTBO Camp in Allerød, as well as the competitions and social aspects, the young international riders between:

Mikkel – Champ – on the Long Distance at EYMTBOC 2017 in Orléans

 Mikkel’s description follows here:

Wednesday evening, MTBO Campen started with a sprint in Ravnsholt. The weather was good, the trails were fast and the course was not too technically difficult, so there was room for pushing all the way and still keeping up with the orientation. I won about two minutes down, but you can not call it quite fair as the forest is one kilometer from where I live.

Close to the event center was a “Youth Camp” – that is, a place where all youth riders could live together. On Wednesday after the sprint we got there in a big gym so everyone could sleep together. There were riders from both Poland, Austria, Czech Republic Denmark who lived together, which was a wonderful concept. Common dining every day also made the relationship between nations even better. The French juniors and youth stayed at Camping in Hillerød, but ate together with the rest in Allerød.

Thursday morning there was long distance in Store Dyrehave and Tokkekøb Hegn. Super  long distance even though the forests do not tend to be too exciting, but with good course setter, the forest and the course can be made more challenging. Again, I knew the forests and my legs worked quite well, so I won with almost 11 minutes down.

 Thursday afternoon there was a technical training in Tokkekøb Hegn.

On Friday morning it stood at medium distance in Rude Skov. Again a forest I know quite well. It was a really cool course where there was plenty of room to get stuck in the pedals. I won with 5 minutes.

Friday afternoon there was only a technical training that I unfortunately did not reach to participate in. I was supposed to get ready for the Crying Mile. Me and Thomas Steinthal had designed maps and made courses in a very technical area with incredible paths and tracks.

It was a huge success, with huge amounts of positive feedback and lots of fun. Everyone was happy at the venue, and you could even reach the finish with riding a JUMP.

The race of only 1.6 kilometers was won in just over 13 minutes. It may sound a lot, but it is certainly not in the terrain – Luca Dallavalle, Italy, had two minutes down to the second place.

Thomas Steinthal recognizing the terrain for the Crying Mile

Saturday morning there was medium distance in Danstrup Hegn. For once a forest I did not know. The course was good and the forest was fat, but I drove so terribly so I have to live with 20 seconds loss due to lack of focus – though I had a good experience in a quite fat forest I did not drive a lot.

Saturday afternoon there was a short training in remember the map and the course in Stenholt Vang.

Sunday morning there was a traditional competition “The Hoeker”. A classic always taking place on the last day of the camp – ultralong distance, mass start and with forkings. A really cool race that will test the limits especially for younger riders. We started at the same time with the men elite and rode the same course, at approx. 53 km in the direct line. In fact, we rode 75 km, and I was 24 minutes after the winner, which I satisfied with, although I managed to go completely cold near the finish.

The long Hoeker stretched all the way to Grønholt Vang, so we got around in the North Zealand forests.

Overall, it has been a fantastic camp. Competitions, courses and training has been “tip top”, and in addition, there has been a lot of focus on the social inter relations between youth riders from different nations, which is really cool and we cannot get enough riders. It makes a lot of sense of the experience that you know the people you compete against, so you can talk with them after the races of how it went and more together across the national teams.

Socializing at the Campfire Saturday Evening at MTBO Camp

Thanks to Allerød OK and other assistants for a fantastic Camp !!!