The first FULL CARBON boards, sold to DK, were sold in a moment, but our Czech producer Radovan Mach had a larger number of boards to Orleans in France, a nice number of which were reserved for further transportation to Holte.

They are now in the house and ready for sale.

Write or call if you want to secure one of these completely stable and shake-free boards.

Just before we left Orleans, Radovan made a “break test” of a FULL CARBON board in the presence of Jes Steen and me, Jørgen Nielsen.

I tried to record video of the test, but I’m apparently not a movie photographer. It may require that you tap the “red button”. I did not succeed, so unfortunately no movie in the camera.

The break test, however, showed that the board itself, with a very hard encounter with the ground, with great pressure on the edge – does not break, but at worst it will bend and tear, just as Autopilot’s standard boards make in connection with accidents.

There were no dangerous and sharp edges on the board. It is also our assessment that if a rider is exposed to a crash, board and cardholder will typically be pivoted on the handlebar and, in most cases, will be relatively intact.

It is also the assessment that the board itself will bend at a strong meeting with soil or wood – typically – where the stakes and hooks are attached through the board, but it will not break into several parts as the stakes under the board where the hooks are attached, will help keep the board together so that the rider can continue and get into the finish.