We do not make structured customer satisfaction surveys.

Instead, we are very pleased with the fact that we have sold more than 500 PilotOne mapholders to Danish and Swedish customers in the Danish and Swedish markets, for individual customers within MTBO, AdventureRace, touring biking as well as to orienteering clubs, high- and after schools.

An amazing support and confidence in the PilotOne mapholders, which we perceive as an expression of the very best and greatest customer satisfaction we can imagine and thanks to our customers for that.

And why the success and the great sales in this otherwise very limited and niche-like market ???

We are convinced that this is primarily due to:

PilotOne mapholder’s unique features, characteristics and advantages, which include:

  • Lightweight but stable and reliable mapholder <300 grams with standard board
  • Mounting on the handlebar without the use of tools
  • Stable mapboards that does not shake and without trembling and therefore enables mapreading during riding the bike
  • Time-saving foil fixation that allows easy drawing of the map from side to side while riding
  • Large selection of mapboards, so large or small boards can be chosen prior to a specific competition
  • The range of boards includes boards that can be mounted on our competitors’ products, and it is our experience that many riders with competitors’ mapholderproducts have chosen / chose PilotOnes boards, duet to PilotOne boards’ high stability and selection of sizes and materials

 AUTOPILOT, the manufacturer of PilotOne mapholders, is a very innovative manufacturer, which can be clearly seen over time and during the development the 6 years PilotOne is marketed in Denmark and Sweden:

  •  Introduction of 2 new bases (AngleBoy) and (ExtraShort)
  • The bases all fit standard handlebars at 31.8mmØ and with reduction inserts for 25.4, 25.0 and 22.2 mmØ
  • Introduction of new base models to fit 35mm Ø handlebars
  • Introduction of several types of special boards (SPRINT, FullCarbon, 2 x MEGA boards)
  • Continuous optimization of the bases design, so assembly has become even easier
  • Magnetic Foils in all board sizes
  • 3 years warranty on bases

The AUTOPILOT manufacturer listens to feed-back from our customers and incorporates this feedback into the ongoing product development.

Finally, we believe that our business philosophy, with the distribution of PilotOne in Denmark and Sweden, the ABEL-NIELSEN MTBO udstyr has had and continues to be of great importance to our large customer base, which is expressed in the form of many recommendations from our customers so that new customers show up, and also that we have capabilities, to maintain our current customers.

Our business philosophy is based on:

  •  Stocking of all PilotOne products, which is shown, on our webpage, so – day-to-day delivery – always is possible!!!
  • Public, transparent and stable pricing policy, which appears from our webpage, with price list in DKK and SEK
  • Pre-sale advice that is qualified and objective with a focus on finding the right products for the customer
  • After-sales support, which is second-to-none, as satisfied customers are, the best recommendation of our business
  • If you are in doubt about choosing a PilotOne mapholder, look around at the Event Centers. You will easily find one of our current customers, and please ask for the product and the service we provide
  • Our sponsorship policy has and has continued to focus on supporting young talented, skilled MTBO riders, and we are only to a very limited extent Event sponsor. However, this year’s event in Denmark is WMTBO 2019 in Viborg in July, the exception, where we are sponsors and will be present and show our products.
  • We are a registered accounting company, of course also registered for VAT, so we prepare an invoice for all products sold

 Visit our webpage at www.abelnielsen.dk or:

Call us on +45 40 42 22 25 if you need individual, personal advice.