How do you choose the right one of the 4 PilotOne folder holder models ???

See the model below, where all models of the holders are "driven" together (the 3 "old" is red, black and purple).
The 1/11-2016 we got a new model "ES" (Extra SHORT) to Denmark.
After this test we have decided to only take this special model to order, since the assessment is that there is too little distance between board and handlebar. Therefore, look aside from the small green model ES.

The difference between SH and TB and ES models is primarily the height.
The difference between the SH and AB models is in the horizontal position that the AB is farther ahead than the SH, but the AB is tilted more or less decreasing this difference.
By tilting the AB, a better reading angle, more perpendicular to the board, is achieved, which many think very well about. This model also "provides" a bit better space for the knees than the SH and ES models, if you get up on the bike.
The first test of the ES model shows that there is "very little space" between the handle and the board, so if you have warm, thick gloves it may be harder to find and fasten the straps on the hooks. Therefore, on behalf of our Danish and Swedish customers, we have chosen this model.

Just ask, we advise you on choosing between the models.