Thomas Steinthal, vintage 1999

World champion individually at Sprint and MassStart 2019 in M20. World Cup silver medal at Long Distance in M20. Bronze in the middle distance and in the staff M20 together with Noah Tristan Hoffmann and Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard. Medal in ALL starts. 5 pcs. Total !!!

European Champion 2019 individually at Sprint and in the baton together with Noah Tristan Hoffmann and Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard.

Photo: Private photo

Club: FIF Hillerød OK

News: Thomas became a student from the Technical Gymnasium in Hillerød in June 2019. Until Thomas finally decides on which higher education he chooses, Thomas has taken up business work with a manufacturer of bicycle equipment etc.

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Thomas's sports profile on Facebook

Remarkable initiatives: In the winter holidays, February 2016 and 2017, Thomas arranged a training camp in the North Zealand forests for his Swedish competitor and friend Douglas Fransson Lee, while simultaneously invited other interested MTBOs to drive with



In 2019, Thomas has started driving on the C-Class country road. To get alternate and varied training and more speed in the legs (if at all possible ;-)) And then of course the extra motivation alternative, yet targeted, relevant training can provide.

Thomas has already got such good rankings, so in 2020 he starts in the B class. On the road. In addition, Thomas is considering participation in the XC in the Shimano league, in addition to MTBO, but with a smaller stake, as Thomas now sees it. .

Including primarily private photos from road and SWISS Epic as well as a single from the Shimano League:

Thomas in an outbreak - alone !!!!

Photo credit: cpc; Michael Jensen

At the top of the C-class podium

Excess on the MTB to give the photographer a few fingers

Photo credit: cpc; Michael Jensen


SWISS Epic, Adrian Jäggi and Thomas

It can also get too steep for even a multiple world champion in MTBO

The run in SWISS Epic for an 21. space, thank you for the companion - mate !!!


This past year as a junior in the M20 class did not start too promising when Thomas in November 2018 during a national team meeting in Åhus, Sweden broke the collarbone.

However, after surgery, Thomas already began the rehabilitation in mid-December.

Spring went with heavy training including some road training on races, participation in C races. May and June were passed with a nice exam from the Technical Gymnasium at the same time as training sessions, etc. In between the exam lecture, just 3 DM titles in H21 went into last year's junior's "account".

In July, Thomas was ready to collect 5 medals at the WM in M20 in the Jutland forests. Very superb performance when considering the competition from the other strong juniors. Stable and high level.

The podium in M20 after the sprint (Burmann, photo)

Thomas in post passage on Middle on the way to bronze (Burmann, photo)

The podium in M20 on Middle (Burmann, photo)

Thomas in post passage on the Long Distance to Silver. (Burmann, photo)

Last entry on Mass Start, Thomas has secured the decisive small lead for Jan Hasek (Burmann, photo)

And then there is only the rally left and Jan Hasek can not reach.

And a little video captured by Henrik Jørgensen, Allerød OK. Click on the link below and the video will open.

Mass start Thomas on the run

Redemption after a tough competition. Joy is going out !!!

Private photo.

In mid-August, Thomas would try his hand this year's edition of Swiss Epic in the UCI class. Together with Adrian JÄGGI, Switzerland they achieved an impressive 21. space. It has given "blood on the tooth" and we may not see Thomas again in one of the big stages in 2020.

The run in SWISS Epic for an 21. space, thank you for the companion - mate !!!

The season is now almost over after new top results at the Junior European Championships in Rabenberg, Ore Mountains in Germany block the Czech border.

The middle distance at the European Championships gave SØLV to Thomas and BRONZE to Mikkel

Photo: Sebastian Schlegel

Video sequence from the Danish Orienteering Federation's look for the Middle Distance with Nikoline and Thomas can be seen by clicking on the photo below:

The MTBO national team got an impressive start at the Junior and Youth Championships in Germany, where Nikoline Splittorff won gold in the middle distance. Thomas Steinthal and Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard respectively. silver and bronze in H20, while Noah Tristan Hoffmann ran with the silver in H17. -PA-forstedagen-in-Germany

Turned off by Danish Orientation Association on Thursday the 3. October 2019

Thomas brought the gas up the hill towards the finish line and into the GOLD

Photo: Sebastian Schlegel

Video sequence with Thomas from the Danish Orienteering Association's post after 3. ride on the baton in M20

MTBO Junior EM relay - The boys team in goal

Breaking News !! Subject to ... It seems that today's Junior European Championship was turned completely upside down during the closing races. The teams have just reached the finish line and the first to cross the finish line with both the girls and the boys were the Danish. It's wild! But but but. The caveat is that there may be protests since the map has been available on GPS. We cross our fingers and hope the result will be standing.

Turned off by Danish Orientation Association on Saturday the 5. October 2019

Danish medalists in the M20 relay:

The Danish European champions 2019 in M20 - Noah, Mikkel and Thomas

Photo: DOF

And here you see the girls and boys in W20 and M20 that no other nations could "bite spoons" with. Photo: DOF

The conclusion is that again Thomas performed with GOLD on the sprint, a SILVER on the middle distance an 5. space on the long distance and finally a GOLD after a terrific 3. ride on the baton in a mud bath on the baton in M20.

Finally, Thomas drove an 3. place home in the ongoing competition, A competition that Thomas has not prioritized 100% in 2019. The Young Guns Series rates the best 6 rankings in 10 competitions throughout 2019.

Medal award in YGS 2019, W20 / M20 and W17 / M17 respectively

Great finish to the junior career.


Again a super year of Thomas purely profit-making:

Junior World Champion in Sprint i Allentsteig, Austria in August and Silver on Lang, "Clean table" at junior euro championships with 3 medals in Budapest, Hungary and a best time at 1. trip to the senior staff. Gold and first Danish senior championships with DIF medals in Viborg on both midfield and long distance and many other wins during the year. Overall victory in junior class in the first ongoing World Cup for juniors: Young Guns Series, best 6 rankings in 10 competitions. And finally an 11. place at the final in the Senior World Cup in the Middle East.

Thomas on the Sprint in Zwettl

A little fun on the podium after Sprinten, Jan Hasek, CZ and Thomas are tough competitors, but also nice friends

Sprint podium at juniorWMTBOC with Thomas at the top

1, 2 and 3 in the Young Guns Series 2018, Junior Class

A happy country coach with his 2 young top riders

3 happy danish junior / youth riders, Christine, Thomas & Mikkel at WM in Austria

Thomas is interviewed for his great 11. place in the middle of the senior WC final in Portugal


Thomas Steinthal can with MEGA pride look back at his efforts at JMTBOC (juniorWM) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Thomas has just completed 18 years and this year is his first year in the junior class, which covers participants born in the years 1997, 1998 and 1999. Thomas therefore had to face many older and more experienced competitors. 48 participants from 15 different nations. And a number of nations such as France, the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden and Poland have a lot of breadth - and the youth and junior initiatives are massive.

However, it did not hold Thomas to mark himself in the middle distance, which ended Monday the 21., Where it became an 2. space and silver medal. 2: 31 up to French Samson DERIAZ.

It promised good for the subsequent competitions and already Tuesday the 22. At Massestarten, Thomas, competitors, gave rear wheels. Despite a starting position almost at the back of the field, due to a high start number. Thomas was in the first medieval times in the lead and, shortly before the last post, Thomas had secured a decisive little hole on 4 seconds, which he had no trouble keeping on the run and there was even time to triumph over the line in a style (the photo below) that makes sense of the Norwegian skier Petter Northug's way to celebrate some of his victories.

Behind Thomas are the hit Czech riders Jan HASEK and Martin KANTA.

Wednesday the 23. stood on the staff, and with Thomas's current form, he was self-written to 1. the trip to the Danish senior team national team. A role Thomas had also had during the EM earlier in August and performed for bravour. Also this time Thomas drove a nice 1. trip. Thomas was only 3 mine. and 25 sec. after the fastest 1. Tour there was Grigory Medvedev, who during this WM showed he is in great shape, and among Grigory's other rankings, WM was gold on the sprint, so Thomas "was on 1. the trip spoons "with the big seniors. Thomas came home as No. 8. Strongly driven. Overall, the Danish team became No. 6.

Thursday was a rest day, and Thomas was well acquainted with 3's day program.

Yes, so good that Friday the 25. On the long distance, Thomas again completely turned up for the throttle on the SHARK. Again, the other juniors got lost and Thomas won GOLD with 2: 48 down to Switzerland Andrian JAEGGI and 11 seconds down to Lithuanian Nojus KALVAITIS. Superb nice.

Thomas on the run, where the "last" is squeezed out.

So it was only the sprint back that ran on Friday the 26.

Thomas did not even hit the day and became "only" No. 12, 2 minutes and 31 seconds after Russian winner Yuri BALEV. In front of the Russians 2 French, a checker, a lighter and 5 finds, which tells about the width of the junior class among other Finns, but as mentioned in several of the other nations.

Of course, it's wrong to write "only" about Thomas's location on the sprint, but Thomas had already shown that we supporters should "put the bar high".

And the photo below shows that Thomas and the SHARK were flying not only under the Sprint, but have been there throughout the WM.

Photo Credit: © Mark Ponsford

A completely marvelous world championship competition, Thomas Steinthal has run on his SHARK, and it is as if on the run on the sprint has been through all the way.

Photo Credit: © Mark Ponsford

It's only to chop with DANNEBROG, and wish Thomas a GREAT BIG APPROVAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EJMTBOC, Orleans, France

Thomas Steinthal proved during the EJMTBOC in Orleans in France that he is the unconditionally strongest and fastest junior MTBO rider in Europe right now. That despite Thomas being only 1. year junior and can run in the M20 class 2 years yet.

Thomas took gold medals on distances SPRINT and LANG and at MELLEM he became No. 6, only 46 sec. after the winner.

Thomas at the top of the SPRINT podium. Photo Credit: © Mélanie Reinen, #

Thomas resumed on the relay in the Lord Class when he drove 1. walk in the Danish team and come home as No. 8, only 46 seconds after the leader. Among the other men-elite riders was world champion Anton Foliforov, RUS, who was only 31 seconds faster than Thomas on 1. the trip.

We wish Thomas BIG ACCESS and are pleased that he has chosen Autopilot's mapholder PilotOne, and now runs with our new "FULL CARBON" board.

Focused Thomas on the Long Distance. Photo Credit: © Mélanie Reinen, #

Austrian MTBO days and 5 days MTB in Plzen, Czech Republic

Thomas continues to impress and set up in 2017 in the H20 class and in H21E, respectively, to explore the most possible challenges:

At MTBO 5 days in Plzen 2017, Thomas overall won for the 2, 1, 4, and 1 locations at the 4 stages, strong French in front, checking

At the Austrian MTBO Days 2017 Thomas drove in M21E and became overall No. 7 after an 15. space on Sprint (jumped gear cable), 8. and 9. places between and long, absolutely approved in the tough competition.

Photo from finish line on long:

Photo credit: @MTBODays 2017.


In connection with this year's MTBO Camp 2017 last April 2017, Thomas was honored as

This year's MTBO rider 2016 in Denmark

MTBO committee chairman Troels Bent Hansen awarded the award and gave the following reason for the nomination and selection of Thomas:

This year's MTBO rider 2016 is of course, one can be tempted to say,

U 17 European champion THOMAS STEINTHAL

This year's MTBO rider is chosen by the MTBO committee, and this year there was a strong consensus on who should have the title.

This year's MTBO rider is relatively new in the sport, he started in the winter 2014-2015, where an injury meant he could not run foot orienteering and had to keep his foot firm on MTB.

Despite his young age (18 years), Thomas Steinthal has already been a great inspiration for many others.

The way he prepares for a championship is so dedicated that it is on the national team's rider level - something many others can learn a lot of ...

Thomas is always the first to get his old O cards or MTBO cards from neighboring terraces when the place of a championship has been published. Then he begins to pave the way and find good options and options. The preparations get even more up when Bulletin 4 comes out, where you begin to figure out where start and finish are and whether there are any public passages and lying. Thus he is always optimally prepared when the start goes.

Thomas is always helpful, whether to make any courses for a training, should be thought of a theory exercises or the like. He is always ready. For the last 2 years, Thomas has made a Mini Camp in the winter holiday, where he coordinates and makes 5-6 workout, open to anyone who wants to participate.

Thomas is also awarded the title of the year's MTBO rider 2016 on the basis of his mid-range U17 EM GULD in Portugal 2016, which was also close to the 3 other distances where it became 4. places on Sprint, Lang and Stafet, (along with Mikkel and Noah).

On Sprint, Thomas was XIII seconds away from medal (it hurt the day), but was quickly forgotten when he won the gold with 7 seconds a few days later.

So Thomas is good at all distances, and there is no doubt that there is the opportunity for many medals in the coming years.


- o - o - o - o - o -

Thomas won the Gold and European Championships in H17 in the Middle East at EYMTBOC in Portugal, the 27 / 7. In addition, 2 x 4. Sprint and Long Distance and 1 x 4 seats. place in the team together with Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard and Noah Tristan Hoffmann. See Thomas' Goal Tour Under News: Thomas runs into EM-GULD. See more action photos from the competitions in Portugal below:


It was difficult to get the hands down, not only to Thomas with the whole Danish team when Jan Eg Pedersen handed Thomas his well-deserved GOLD medal. Photo credit: Ole Søgaard.


Photo credit: Ole Søgaard.

Camilla with bronze and Thomas with gold

Camilla with bronze in W21E and Thomas with gold in H17 in the middle distance. Photo credit: Duarte Gonçalves, Portugal.

Thomas at the top of the stage in the middle dist.

The whole stage in H17 in the middle distance. Photo credit: Ole Søgaard.


DM wins and withdrawal to the national team for participation in EYMTBOC in Portugal in July 2016: see the news article at the following link:

Youth riders with DM medals June 2016

Thomas to the left with Christine Reibert Hansen, Noah Tristian Hoffmann and Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard. The 4 is our national team at EYMTBO in Portugal in July

DM Lang

Thomas after his victory in H20 at DM long in Fussingø here with the club mate from FIF Hillerød Maja Lykke Brinch, who took gold in D20.

3 days MTBO 2016, South Alsace, 14.-16. May 2016:

THOMAS made it really nice and after a show on the long distance Saturday with an 2. place a ½ min. After the Austrian winner, he made clean table Sunday in the middle distance and Monday on the sprint, with sure victories, so overall victory over 3 days was superior. Very impressive and not least stable performance that promises really fine for the future.
To put Thomas's performance in relief, mention that M15-16-17 ran the same lanes as M50-59. Saturday, Thomas' time would have given an 2. space also in M50-59, and Sunday one 3. space in M50-59 and finally Thomas's time Monday on the sprint would have given an 1. place in M50-59 so that the young kid is pushing.

On the junior team since 2015



Danish Championships in Zealand, June:

  • DM Sprint in Slagelse: No. 1 in H21 (Senior)
  • DM Lang in Tisvilde: No. 1 in H21
  • DM Mellem in Hedeland, Roskilde: Nr. 1 in H21

World Championships in and around Viborg, July / August:

  • 1 seats and gold and junior world champion at Sprintdistancen and Mass Start
  • 2. long-distance space and silver, junior = M20
  • 3 .place, bronze in the middle distance
  • 3. place, bronze in the baton with Noah Tristan Hoffmann and Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard

European Championships in Rabenberg, Ore Mountains, Germany, October:

  • Junior European Champion at Sprint
  • Junior European champion on the baton with Noah Tristan Hoffmann and Mikkel Brunstedt Nørgaard
  • 2. middle distance and silver, junior = M20
  • 5. long distance space, junior

Young-Guns-Series for Junior (Junior World Cup), best 6 rankings in 10 competitions.

  • 3. space gathered for Thomas after a close inventory


Danish Championships at Viborg, June:

  • DM in H21 -Thomas's first senior titles and DIF medals - at long and medium distances

European Championships in Budapest, Hungary, June / July:

  • 3 x Juniors, championships on long, sprint and middle distances
  • 1. space on 1. trip to the senior gentleman stafette

World Championships in Zwettl, Austria, August:

  • 2. space and silver on the long distance junior
  • 1.plass, gold and junior world champion at Sprintdistancen

Young-Guns Series for Junior (Junior World Cup), best 6 rankings in 10 competitions.

  • 1. space collected

World Cup race seniors, this year's finals in Odemira, Portugal, September:

  • 11. space in the middle distance


JWMTBOC, Vilnius, Lithuania:

  • 2. space and silver in the middle of M20
  • 1. place, gold and world champion at Massestarten in M20
  • 6. Place on the Lord team team in M21, Thomas contributed a nice 1. trip
  • 1. place, gold and world champion on the long distance in M20
  • 12. space on Sprint distance in M20

EYMTBOC, Orleans, France:

  • 1. place, gold and European championship at the Sprint distance in M20
  • 6. space in the middle of M20
  • 1. place, gold and European championships on the Long Distance in M20
  • 3. Place on the Lord team team in M21, Thomas contributed a nice 1. trip

MTBO 5 days 2017 in Plzen:

  • Overall victory in M20

DM, June:

  • 3. space and bronze at Mellemdist. Thomas put up in H21
  • 2. space and silver at Langdist. Thomas put up in H21

World Cup Round 1, June. in Austria:

  • 1. seats on the long and medium distances of M20
  • 2. space on Sprint in M20



  • 4. place on SPRINTEN IN M17
  • 1. space and gold on the medieval distillery in M17
  • 4. space on the long distance in M17
  • 4. place on the staff in M17

DM in H20, June: (Note again, Thomas raised in a different class than the age justifies, here H20 instead of H16):

  • 1. space and gold at Mellemdist.
  • 1. space and gold at Langdist.
  • DM in MTB for afterschools (No. 6 of 72)
  • MTBO camp in Åhus (total number 19 in ME)

World Cup Round 1, Open Class H16, May. in Alsace, France:

  • 2. space at Lang dist.
  • 1. space at Mellemdist.
  • 1. space on Sprinten
  • 1. place in the total result for 3 days

Results 2015:

  • Czech master at Langdistance and collected 3s for Czech 5 days in H17
  • EM (between) and 4. space (long)
  • MTBO camp in Hanstholm - winner of MS


Thomas's goal for 2017 is to win medals for JWMTBOC in Orleans in France in the M20 class and the long-term goal is to become junior world champion - maybe already in 2017.

Challenges Thomas works with:

Thomas really wants to work very much with his MTB technology, as this is where he estimates he will be able to make the biggest improvements, as his MTB technology is somewhat different from physical and o technical.

Advantages of PilotOne, which Thomas likes:

  • Super nice easy to assemble
  • Designed to make larger maps easy folding around the disc, so you do not have to fold maps at the start
  • Elasticity that makes map mounting fast and easy
14 / 8-2016: Thomas caught under the Trimtex Cup, where he drove H21. Photo: Bent Hjarbo
Thomas 3

thomas sprint jm

Thomas in the runway on the sprint. Photo credit: Joaquim Margarido, Portugal.

Thomas on the last post sprint

Thomas in the run on Sprinten in Cantanhede. Photo credit: Duarte Gonçalves, Portugal.

thomas on long new xxx dg

Thomas on the long distance towards 4. square. Photo credit: Duarte Gonçalves, Portugal.

Thomas on 56 2

Thomas at Post 56 in the Middle East on the Road to his Gold Medal in Valongo do Vouga, Águeda. Photo credit: Duarte Gonçalves, Portugal

Thomas on the baton

Thomas on 1. walk on the baton on the way in the passage of the audience post on the way into the park in MEALHADA, foto credit: " "

Thomas on the penultimate of the baton

Thomas on 1. walk on the relay heading towards the penultimate post in the park in MEALHADA. Photo credit: Joaquim Margarido, Portugal

Thomas Steinthal brings air on the road up BollenbergThomas fights the last hard meters up "Bollenberg" on the way to the Middle East victory

Thomas has passed 99Then the entry on top of "Bollenberg" has passed and it goes down again.

Thomas slows down to cut mail on the long one

Thomas focused on "99" on the long distance in the Orschwir vineyards

Thomas for receipt

A receipt for the visit to "99" is in house


Thomas on HNIE, May 2016, note Thomas is also running with Djuva ID bracelet on his wrist

Portugal 7

EM Lang, June 2015 in Portugal

Portugal 8

Thomas on stage with his 4. seat at EM 2015


Thomas under forest trainingIMG_0290

Focused training in the forests around Himmelbjerget

Thomas Steinthal at the Mix Stafet at EM in Portugal-2

Thomas under Mix relay at EM June 2015

Thomas Steinthal army

Thomas plays and exercises balance after the sprint at MTBO Camp 2016 in Åhus