We have renegotiated an agreement with PostNord in Denmark, after which we succeeded in reducing the price of shipping packages to Sweden SEK 135 to send one or more cardholders to a Swedish addressee.

Shipping costs remain high, so we encourage you to go together as far as possible to order cardholders, so you only pay freight for one package.

We mainly buy in EUR, and unfortunately we have seen a significant weakening of the Swedish krona against EURO and DKK, unfortunately we have had to adjust our prices in SEK again per. 10. April 2018.

New price list is valid from 10. April 2018, below:

Price list per 10-April 2018 has been maintained, but we have updated it with the prices of our new MEGA boards, Magnetic Foil Set and the downgraded Repair Kit prices slightly due to new product. All prices are otherwise maintained based on the current exchange rate between DKK / SEK.

Swedish price list per 10042018 updated with new products etc. 15092019

NB: Old price list per. 10. April 2018, so it can be verified that we have not made price increases since, but only added additional products.

Swedish price list per. 10042018