Rasmus Sørensen, vintage 1995

Rasmus S

Clubs: MTBO: MELFAR OK, Middelfart

MTB: MTB Kolding

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National team rider since 2013



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Advantages of PilotOne, as Rasmus is pleased with:

After just taking a trip with PilotOne folder holder, I was pleasantly surprised, in fact, I think it's super fat, especially that it does not bend in the same way as the Miry mapholder. It rotates easily, but very important, it becomes where you release it. It's really valuable.

Rasmus S by WM 2013

Rasmus at WM in Latvia in 2013

Rasmus S for MTBKolding at SRAM league in Viborg Apr. 2015

Rasmus for MTB Kolding at the SRAM League event in Viborg April 2015

Rasmus S by WM 2015-2

Rasmus at WM 2015 in Liberec, Czech Republic