Below you will find links to our pages with installation manuals and product warranty sheets:

Mounting PilotOne - 1. mounting: PilotOne Base 1. mounting

Graphical view of the collection of Pilof.svatOne base and board: Graphical Guide to Collection of PilotOne

Disclamer fsva PilotOne FCB (FullCarbonBoards), as the material is different from our other boards: Disclamer for FCB (FullCarbonBoards)

Compass assembly on boards with Compas extension: Attachment of compassus on board with Compas Ext.

Mounting / retrofitting of Magnetic Foil: Video for mounting Magnetic Foil

Using Genuine Repair Kits - "Sticky Snake" at TUBELESS Drive:

User Manual, Technical Specifications, Dimensions, etc., and Product Guarantee on the PilotOne Base: Autopilots Official User's Manual-and-Product Warranty /